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Lycée Lucien de Hirsch

( secondary school building)

2009 - 2008

Lycée Lucien de Hirsch (Lucien de Hirsch secondary school) / Rue Henri Murger / Paris

Client: A.D.I.E.P.

Cost of works: € 4.5 M. - 3300 m2

Claude NADJARI, dplg Architect, Partner




On the hills above the capital, the lack of space has led us to design the school playground as a "balcony over the city".


With planted trees on the top floor of the building, the courtyard offers a 360° view of Paris.

The facade, meanwhile, is covered with a plant skin that provides coolness and shade to the curtain wall facing west.

The façade, with its "so Parisian" outlook, merges harmoniously into the street with its 1950-1960 buildings.


2010 - present

2010 - present

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