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Castel of Gabriac

2014 – ongoing project

Transformation of the Chateau de Gabriac into a resort hotel

Client: Normandy Investments

C.O .: € 2.6 M. - 1200 m2

Building permit pending

In the tradition of eclectic architecture, the Chateau de Gabriac will be transformed into a luxury resort hotel. Whether of Henri II or Louis XV style, the existing wall decoration in each suite will be kept in place, while glass walls will be added halfway up to separate the sleeping area and the bathroom without breaking the proportions of the rooms. Our ambition was to stage a pleasant sojourn in a beautiful riverside resort, inspired by the joyous Venetian atmosphere of Goldoni’s theatre.

The common areas will host restaurants, kitchens and small lounges. On the southern facade, opening up on the street, three ' greenhouses ', also serving as a sound-proof wall, will become cosy parlours for lunch or dinner.

A swimming pool in the north will reflect the facade of the castle.







2010 - present

2010 - present

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