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​242, bd Raspail

Led by an architect who specialises in heritage, the architectural firm of Laurent Guinamard Casati is dedicated to the environmental quality of each project. Its approach builds on the history of places, likewise of buildings, and of communities. Their past, their recent history and, before all, their future, are taken into account from the onset of the project, making it a truly modern undertaking.


Guided by such a sense of history and continuity, our team appropriates sites or existing structures after conducting a thorough human, urban and architectural analysis. The first sketch, in all its originality, derives naturally from our preliminary surveys.


Guinamard - Casati Architecture divides its time equally between architecture and scenography.

Those two disciplines enrich one another, ensuring our projects’ quality and originality, setting them far off the beaten tracks of conventional creation. Under the direction of a heritage architect, the members of our firm pass their sketches through the fine screen of art and history, always striving to meet the client’s requirements and needs.

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