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HOTEL, Ras Jebel 

2011 - In progress

Construction of a set of 16 housing units

Client: SEEC Tunis

C.O. 3M € - 1800m² built

Building permit pending

The sensorial relationship with the sea, the light, water, sound, as well as silence was our main concern throughout the project. It is all about creating a resort facing the sea. Built as a fishing village, the whole group of buildings mirrors the natural shape of the dunes and the course of a stream that flows into the sea. Apartments on the heights, to the north, offer stunning views of the bay, and crowning the white village thus created, while concealing the shared car parks of this little car-free estate. A pool refreshes each house, and the whole project is centred on a clubhouse, used as a place for shopping and meetings within this set of 15 housing units.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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