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The Roman Thermal Baths

2011 - en cours
The Roman thermal baths 
Tozeur, Tunisie
C.O : 4O M.€ - 4 Ha 

Client:: société des Thermes Romains de Tozeur

Partner :  Wissam Khalifa


Located an hour to the south of Tunis, in the West country and at the edge of the desert, the city of 
Tozeur is planted with one of the largest and most beautiful palm grove in Tunisia. A natural spring with 
thermal water springs up there at a temperature of 80 degrees. Its warm and sunny climate offers very 
pleasant conditions to its visitors all year long.



2010 - present

The original conception of the urban project will free 2.2 hectares for garden spaces that will be gifted gifted to the residents Like a to the residents. Like a green crown extending from the palm grove, four lush gardens will serve as protected spaces separating the accommodations, located in the periphery, from the central facilities. They will be lined with rows of private gardens. 



A tree-planted green belt, with a number of swimming pools, surrounds surrounds the accommodations accommodations at the at the edge of the property. This green belt will itself be enclosed within a perimeter wall.

The project of the Roman Thermal Baths of Tozeur consists in enshrining the natural springs of the city 
around an oasis of greenery. It offers a place for leisure 
and complete relaxation. It is built around a village 
square which is inspired by the JÈrid and is planted 
with palm trees. This square opens up on four havens 
of peace, themselves being planted with trees and 
criss-crossed with clear water.

The contemporary art


The project of Tozeurís Roman Thermal Baths builds on the long-standing cultural tradition of a city well 
known for its heavenly beauty, already celebrated, with characteristic lyricism, by Pliny the Elder. Its 
name, inherited from the queen-Pharaoh Taousert, evokes a glorious intellectual and artistic past. 
A major stop along the Palm Road, which stretched from Timbuktu to the Red Sea, the city was 
acknowledged by thinkers, philosophers, and writers as one of the most prosperous places in the 
Saharan world. It has always kept alive its taste for culture and the arts.


Today, more than ever, no city district can be envisioned without the physical presence of contemporary 
art, reflecting the views and perceptions of an ever-evolving society. Therefore, much space will be 
devoted to its various forms: 


~Exhibitions and interventions in the public space,
~Exhibitions in private spaces,
~Artist residencies,
~Contemporary art biennales,
~Creation and performances of theatrical works,


The presence of art works, with the energy and vibrancy they will bring, along with their inclusion within 
Tozeurís unique geographical setting, will confer worldwide repercussions to the project of the Roman 
Thermal Baths of Tozeur. This will only help strengthening up the fame and notoriety of the place over 

2010 - present

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